Saturday, February 4, 2012


I've been portraying mythos creatures for many years now, and recently decided to create a Lovecraft mythos bestiary from scratch. Only new works I have designed specifically for this project will be included in it.

There have been countless renditions of Lovecraft's creations, and many of them are very good. Some are more faithful than others to the descriptions given in the original writings, and the quality of work available varies widely. Some attempts to remain accurate and faithful to the descriptions result in visualizations which appear more silly than horrifying. My goal for this bestiary is to remain true to both the letter and the spirit of the writings for each piece.

I will publish my completed works in this blog as I finish them. I have no timeline that I plan to follow, since I tend to ignore such timelines when I set them. I will probably complete one piece every week or so, although there will be periods of time when I am otherwise preoccupied.

At the end of this project I hope to have sufficient completed works to have them published as a book, though I have not yet sought out potential publishers at this time.

If you wish to follow my other work and/or see the occasional work in progress in addition to the finished pieces posted here, you may follow me at

I am open to suggestions for creatures to include in the bestiary. The following creatures have already been requested by others and are planned for inclusion: Shoggoth, Elder Thing, Flying Polyp, Nightgaunt, Tindalos Hound, Ghast, Ghoul, Fungi from Yuggoth.

At this time the plan is to illustrate creatures, not individual characters or deities. I may reconsider this in the future, or make special exceptions; alternately, I may illustrate a separate compendium of individual characters and deities at some future point

My first completed piece is the Gug, and I will start a new post for this piece.

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  1. This is amazing. Congratulations! Can't wait to see your take on the hounds of tindalos.