Monday, August 25, 2014


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"These figures were seldom completely human, but often approached humanity in varying degree. Most of the bodies, while roughly bipedal, had a forward slumping, and a vaguely canine cast. The texture of the majority was a kind of unpleasant rubberiness. Ugh! I can see them now! Their occupations—well, don’t ask me to be too precise. They were usually feeding—I won’t say on what. They were sometimes shewn in groups in cemeteries or underground passages," "It was a colossal and nameless blasphemy with glaring red eyes, and it held in bony claws a thing that had been a man, gnawing at the head as a child nibbles at a stick of candy. Its position was a kind of crouch, and as one looked one felt that at any moment it might drop its present prey and seek a juicier morsel. But damn it all, it wasn’t even the fiendish subject that made it such an immortal fountain-head of all panic—not that, nor the dog face with its pointed ears, bloodshot eyes, flat nose, and drooling lips. It wasn’t the scaly claws nor the mould-caked body nor the half-hooved feet—none of these, though any one of them might well have driven an excitable man to madness." "It was the faces, Eliot, those accursed faces, that leered and slavered..."
-H.P. Lovecraft, "Pickman's Model"


  1. Amazing artwork you sport in this blog! I just now stumbled upon it and wish you the best of luck, hoping you'll continue the bestiary!

  2. I love your artwork renditions of the lovecraftian creatures. I was wondering if you would mind if I used your artwork as reference for creating some of the lovecraft creatures in some fallout mods. There would be a link back to your blog from the mod pages of any mod that used your artwork for a frame of reference, I would do this only if you give permission though, if you don't want your artwork used as a reference for 3d models I understand and won't bother you further on this topic.