Friday, May 25, 2012


I realize that it's been over a month now with no updates from me. The reason for this is that I have injured my back. Sitting in a position which allows me to use my hand to create is extremely painful right now, and I can not create when pain is the only thing I can think about, so I am taking a hiatus from artwork until my back heals sufficiently. This could be a few weeks to a few months, but is NOT a permanent condition. The doctor believes I have a ruptured disk in my lower spine, which should heal completely in due time with proper therapy and rest and medication. An X-ray has proven useless in diagnosing this injury, but I have scheduled an MRI for the end of July to see how things are progressing. Medication is another factor, now that I think of it, in preventing me from creating. It is hard to access that creative part of your brain when the pain-diminishing drugs you need to stay sane have the side effect of keeping you in a dreamlike stupor. On the positive side, it is an artist's prerogative to have vivid and strange dreams as a result of using such powerful drugs, and I'm sure that I will come through all this with some wonderful new inspiration once all is said and done. So if you have come to expect more from me, please be patient and believe me when I say that I do have many more great ideas building up in the pipeline, but they will simply have to be on hold for a while. ~K.L. Turner


  1. Hang in there, man, and hopefully you'll be able to pull something creatively cool out of this ordeal.

  2. May your recovery go well and the inspiration be bountiful.

    You have some terrific work in this blog. That Shoggoth is one of the best interpretations I've seen.

    I look forward to seeing your new work once you have recovered.

  3. I hope you'll be ok soon. Your artworks are some of the best interpretations I know (the shoggoth and the star spawn are awsome!). I've read most of Lovecraft's stories and I always imagined how the creatures of the mythos look like. Why don't you try to make a painting of the black sphinx (described in "imprissoned with the pharaoes") or the haunter of the dark? That was great.
    Get well soon! Ftaghn!

  4. I hope you heal quickly, dude. Your art is pretty badass.

  5. sites dead abandon ship

    1. I know it seems that way, but it is (to quote Monty Python) "not dead yet!" Just an extended hiatus due to complicated health problems.

  6. I hope your health is clearing up. I just found your blog, excellent work so far.

  7. Hey, get better. I can't wait to see new updates here.