Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hound of Tindalos

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"The nature of the Doels was plainly revealed, and I was told the essence (though not the source) of the Hounds of Tindalos."
H.P. Lovecraft, The Whisperer In Darkness

"Beyond life there are'—his face grew ashen with terror—'things that I cannot distinguish. They move slowly through angles.'"
"'All the evil in the universe was concentrated in their lean, hungry bodies."
"'God, they are breaking through! They are breaking through! Smoke is pouring in from the corners of the wall. Their tongues—ahhh—"'
Frank Belknap Long, The Hounds Of Tindalos

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  1. Hello! Greetings to you from Russia where your pictures especially appreciate!It would be desirable to thank you, for already done work and to express, the deepest respect for your talent! Your pictures - are delightful, and that that is beings from Howard Lovecraft's products, twice pleasantly and valuably! All is simply smart! It would be desirable to direct your attention to the story "The Horror in the museum", where so many improbable beings! Especially it would be desirable to note the main monster of the story - Rhan-Tegoth. Now it is not enough its images, that very much upsets, and after all such magnificent creation of mythology Lovecraft... Your sight at things and your talent, would be useful for creation epic art, where Rhan-Tegoth for example sits on a throne from an ivory, among bones of other monstrous creations, in the snow-covered remote and mysterious place...

    To you I will be very grateful, however as probably and everything, and it is inexpressibly glad, if similar art, there will be also our imagination on the story "The Horror in the museum", will play new paints!

    Yours faithfully! Forgive for my English, if what not so!

    1. Thank you for your comments! I appreciate them. For this bestiary I am portraying creatures which are not unique individuals, but representations of a species or group. Rhan-Tegoth is an individual rather than a type of creature. However, I will be painting Rhan-Tegoth in the future when I create a compendium of deities and characters from Lovecraft's writings, as this is one of my favorites from his writings as well.

      Thanks again!

  2. i'm an italian fan! your bestiary is wonderful! please don't stop it...and sorry for my horrible english XD

    1. Thanks! Don't worry, I don't plan to quit.